The College Football Fan's Ultimate B2B Sales Book: The Three Games of Selling shows You the Power of Inner Active Selling. Increase Your Sales Results When You Know Exactly How to Sell to Businesses.

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you...How Your Mindset influences Your Success, How You Can Use Effective Communication Skills to position Yourself as an Expert, and how to Implement Sales Strategy and Tactics to Increase Your Sales Success.

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In this Book - Ebook You Will Discover...

  • The Inner Game of Selling

    You will find How to Think Like a Winner…

    Winner’s have the ability to overcome adversity and maintain a positive attitude or mindset, using optimism to guide them through any situation.

    Learn how to use this competitive edge.

  • The Active Game of Selling

    You learn that selling to businesses is a Contact Sport – just like football. Except you do not go around tackling and blocking your customers (even if you really want to do it to some customers!)

    You do have to Communicate – Clearly and Strategically – to Everyone that You Meet.

  • The Selling Game

    You learn how Strategy and Tactics working together lead to “bigtime” Sales Success.

    The Principles are Simple, yet, Discipline is needed for the proper Execution of these Simple Rules for Success.

    Learn How to Think Strategically and Position Yourself to Win the Game of Selling.

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"This hard-hitting, fast-moving book will show you how to sell more, faster and easier than you ever thought possible."

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy International Speaker on High Performance

"The Three Games of Selling is a must read, if you want to learn how to sell to other businesses. Simple and direct methods to winning sales"

Bill Bonnstetter , Chairman of the Board & CEO
Bill Bonnstetter , Chairman of the Board & CEO Target Training International - Success Insights

"Good job. It is clear that this book came right from your heart. Good, common sense advice."

Jerry Houston, President / CEO
Jerry Houston, President / CEO Houston Associates

"I very much enjoyed your new book! The football metaphor really works and personalizes the sales approach in a way that never happens with books on selling. The content is easy to follow and memorable because of it's simplicity."

Don Klassen, CEO Klassen Performance Group

"One of the greatest Coaches in Sales Training and Leadership! A Must Read!"

Bill Brooks, CEO
Bill Brooks, CEO Brooks Group Inc
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